New Earth Paradigm

Bio: First Wave Indigo, semi- retired from 3D and learning to live more and more each day from the perspective of my multi-dimensional Self. New full time occupation: grounding the energetic signatures (sacred geometries) that provide the foundation of our New Earth Paradigm and bringing them into form in physicality. Married to the Best Husband and Spiritual Partner in the world, Tomas Qubeck, who shares the Journey with me fully. We are currently located in Morocco.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Alia, you have such a beautiful way of articulating what needs to be said. every word you say resonates deeply within. thank you for sharing and extending your love for us. Robert Madrid

    1. Thank you Dear Heart. Thanks for your loving words. I am enjoying the blogging immensely.

      We just met Lydia this evening on our way back up to our apartment after being over at the Sanctuary mush of the day. So wonderful to have her here and so close to us. Hope we’ll be seeing you soon also. Much love and big hugs.

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