5 thoughts on “New Site Location

  1. Dearest Alia,
    Thank you with my whole heart for the Anna Breytenbach video. It came to me at exactly the right time, of course!! Thank you for your persistence in articulating and being the new earth paradigm.
    much love, L.

    1. You are so welcome, Dear Lynda! We are needing to give our kitty anti-biotics for an infection right now and I am having good success getting her to take the liquid from the dropper in a calmer manner since I watched this video. So inspiring. Blessings and Love

  2. Howdy from your Lemurian sister KellyKay still in Oregon .. I just found you again yesterday what a blessing,, Im transforming and read your article about Carbon to Crystalline .. YeeHaw the buzzing has been going on for a good 4 years now.. Im getting ready to move to the UpsonDowns as permeant caretaker.. Your cat will not respond to 3D medicine ,, She needs oregano oil or melaleuca oil small dropper 2 drops 3x a day with a little food like tuna.. Our animals have taken the shift with us Flaira is grounding me to 5D. Love bunches KK

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